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#148 Securing the Remote Worker Through Mobile Virtualization

on Wed Jul 26 2023 17:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

with Jared Shepard, Darren W Pulsipher,

Keywords: #remoteworker #remotework #mobile #mobilevirtualization #hypori

In this episode of the podcast Embracing Digital Transformation, host Darren Pulsipher engages in an insightful conversation with special guest Jared Shepard, the CEO of Hypori. The interview focuses on the crucial topic of securing remote workers through mobile virtualization. Jared Shepard's unique journey from a high school dropout to a CEO adds an inspiring dimension to the discussion.

Jared Shepard’s Unconventional Path to Becoming a CEO:

Jared Shepard shares the remarkable story of his unconventional journey to becoming a CEO. Starting as a high school dropout, he found his calling in the Army, where he transitioned into an IT role, acquiring vital skills through informal education. His experiences in the Army, including playing a pivotal role in planning the invasion of Iraq and contributing to the country’s reconstruction, shaped his perspective and expertise.

Jared’s career progressed further as he founded his own company, Intelligent Waves, and dedicated his efforts to developing advanced technology solutions for the military. During this time, he encountered Hyper3, a technology that would ultimately become the foundation for his focus on mobile virtualization.

Driven by his vision and recognizing the immense potential of Hyper3, Jared established a separate company, Hypori, with a specific emphasis on mobile virtualization. Hypori’s platform offers secure virtual mobile infrastructure, allowing organizations to separate personal and work data on employees’ devices, bolstering security and control. This aspect proves particularly critical in the context of remote work, where sensitive data may be accessed from personal devices.

Host Darren Pulsipher expresses gratitude for Jared’s service, highlighting the significance of his journey from a high school dropout to a successful CEO. Darren also discusses his non-profit organization, which aims to aid veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

Hypori’s Innovative Approach to Remote Work Security:

The interview delves into the concept of zero trust, a fundamental aspect of Hypori’s platform. Zero trust advocates for not automatically trusting any device or user, irrespective of their location or network. This approach emphasizes protecting data and minimizing the attack surface by assuming that the edge device is compromised.

Hypori’s platform transforms the edge device into a dumb terminal accessing a secure environment where data is stored. This eliminates the need to secure multiple edge devices, enabling organizations to focus on securing points of ingress and egress. Moreover, this approach enhances computing capabilities by utilizing high-performance processors in a data center.

The implications of Hypori’s platform extend beyond securing remote work and communication in challenging environments. It also provides a comprehensive solution for managing and securing remote workers. Multifactor authentication and stringent security measures ensure that only authorized individuals can access the virtual operating system.

The review discusses the practicality of deploying mobile device management systems, even in personal settings. In specific scenarios, such as managing teenage kids’ devices, deploying these systems can be beneficial. Users can create customized play stores or app stores to control which apps are accessible through approved app templates.

Future of Mobile Device Management

Darren and Jared explore the technology behind virtual phone systems, also known as Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. These systems are more bandwidth-efficient than traditional phone systems as they only transmit the changes or “deltas” in screen pixels, resulting in low bandwidth utilization.

Advancements in network technology, such as 5G and high-speed bandwidth, have made cloud-based mobile device management solutions more efficient and cost-effective. Cloud computing offers scalability and cost-efficiency for managing mobile devices, making it an attractive option for organizations.

The goal of mobile device management systems like Hypori’s is to offer accessible and cost-effective solutions for consumers. This includes providing secure second, third, or even fourth cell phones at a low monthly cost, which can revolutionize various industries, including healthcare, defense, and telecommunications.


The interview with CEO Jared Shepard sheds light on the significance of securing remote workers through mobile virtualization. Hypori’s innovative approach based on zero trust and its virtual mobile infrastructure offers organizations an effective way to embrace remote work without compromising security. The advancements in mobile device management and virtual phone systems promise enhanced security and flexibility in the modern digital age, transforming industries and driving the path of digital transformation.

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