189 - Parallel Works AI Workload Automation
In a data-driven world where technology is king, a lively discussion unfolding between Darren Pulsipher, host of Embracing Digital Transformation, and Matthew Shaxted, president of Parallel Works, navigated their way through the captivating sphere of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and its monumental role in machine learning and AI.

133 - Lessons in HPC Oil & Gas
In this episode, Darren interviews Keith Gray, a former director of high-performance computing at British Petroleum. With over 30 years of managing HPC centers, Keith gives great insight into the challenges, best practices, and the future of high-performance computing.

129 - HPC OnDemand
In this episode Darren interviews Alan Chalker, director of strategic program at Ohio Super Computer Center about Open OnDemand for HPC clusters worldwide.

20 - Destroying the Complexity of Storage Tiers
Randy Hayes from VAST Data and Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Intel, discuss VAST Data’s innovative storage architecture that eliminates the need for tiers using NVMe over Fabrics, QLC Flash, and 3D XPoint Optane