185 - History of Data-centrical Applications (revisited)
The first episode of this podcast was released 185 episodes ago. In this episode, the host Darren Pulsipher redoes episode one to provide updated information on the history of data-centric application development. He discusses how new technologies like edge computing and AI have impacted data generation and the need for better data management.

165 - Workload Cloud Placement Factors
In this podcast, the Darren and Rico Dutton dive into the world of cloud instances and the factors to consider when selecting the right instance for your workload. They discuss the different compute options available in the cloud, the importance of finding the right balance between performance and cost, and the role of cloud specialists in helping organizations make informed decisions.

142 - Data Protection with Confidential Computing
In this episode Dr. Anna Scott interviews Jesse Schrater and Ibett Acarapi about how to protect data using confidential computing.

100 - Intel's Public Sector Superheroes
On this episode, Darren and Cameron Chehreh, Vice President and General Manager of Public Sector, Intel, talk about Intel’s superpowers: ubiquitous compute, pervasive connectivity, edge to cloud, and artificial intelligence.

95 - Requirements for Edge to Cloud Architectures
Intel’s Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, and Dr. Anna Scott, Chief Edge Architect, Public Sector, discuss essential requirements for edge to cloud service architectures.

58 - Understanding Edge to Data Center Problems
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, outlines the common problems throughout edge to data center architectures that he’s observed and discussed with customers in the public sector. He lays out the ideal architecture to resolve these issues