182 - Zero Trust Data Assurance
The need for robust data security strategies has grown exponentially in the digital age, becoming a top priority for businesses around the world. Cybersecurity expert and CTO of Walacor, Walter Hancock, offers keen insight into the importance of data integrity and a zero trust approach in current cybersecurity regimes.

177 - Zero Trust Data with SafelyShare
During this episode, Darren and SafeLishare CEO Shamim Naqvi discuss how confidential computing can be employed to create managed data-sharing collaborative environments in the cloud.

175 - Zero Trust with Operational Technology
In this episode Darren interviews the CEO of Founder of Veridify Louis Parks. They discuss the unique problems with Operational technology networks that control critical infrastructure, due to legacy complexity, accessibility vulnerabilities, and lack of visibility.

174 - Zero Trust Application with Confidential Computing
In this episode Darren interviews Patrick Conte from Fortanix about leveraging confidential computing in securiting applications in zero trust architectures.

170 - Zero Trust Principles
In this episode Darren explores the principles of Zero Trust architecture with special guest David Marcus, Senior Security Architect, and returning guest Dr. Anna Scott

88 - Collaborative DevSecOps
On this episode, Darren talks with Sophos’ Callen Sapien, Director of Product Management, Sophos Factory, and Mike Fraser, VP of DevSecOps about their product that allows for truly collaborative SecDevOps.

84 - Securing Your Castle with Zero-Trust
On this episode, Darren discusses zero trust security with Intel’s Steve Orrin, CTO Public Sector, and Cameron Chehreh, VP-GM Public Sector.