Adrian Kosowski

Adrian obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the age of 20. He has 15+ years of experience in research. Adrian co-authored over 100 research publications, including articles in the world's best conferences & journals in different disciplines (Theoretical CS, Physics, Biology). He worked on transportation optimization, route planning, and logistics projects in collaboration with industrial partners. As co-founder of, the first platform and community for online training of programming, Adrian had a chance to impact the lives of millions of programmers around the globe. He is also a distinguished competitive programmer and coach. As Head of Business Development at, he acquired the first major contracts.


#datamanagement #multicloud #technology


139 - Resilient Logistical Analytics
In this episode Darren interviews the Adrian Kosowski CPO of Pathway about their unique ability to handle logistical data from the edge in DDIL environments with real-time analytics.