Yazz Krdzalic

I'm a revenue-driven marketing executive passionate about strategic partnerships, alliances, and turbocharging business success. 🚀

My 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and operations give me a knack for expanding markets and creating product marketing strategies that truly resonate with customers. I'm not just into marketing; I thrive on architecting solutions that burst with creativity and align seamlessly with the big picture.

I'm like that marketing Swiss Army knife - data-driven, creative, and market-savvy. I thrive on tackling challenges and believe that innovation is my secret sauce.

I'm all about connecting the dots, whether building strong team bonds or forging powerful partnerships outside. It's not just about growing a brand; it's about shaking up the industry with visionary strategies and a serious customer-focused approach to drive revenue growth.

The sectors I am passionate about:

  1. Technology a. hardware/firmware b. software (SaaS) c. network (telco, tactical comms, 5G, etc.) d. cybersecurity (zero trust, data at rest/in transit/in use, encryption, etc.)
  2. All things DoD/Federal/public sector
  3. Real estate
  4. Legal
  5. Healthcare


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181 - Zero Trust in 5G
In the midst of the growing adoption of 5G technologies worldwide, the experts in the recent episode of Embracing Digital Transformation podcast delved into the integral topic of Zero Trust in 5G security. Host Darren Pulsipher welcomed 5G advanced communications expert Leland Brown, VP of Marketing at Trenton Systems Yazz Krdzalic, and Ken Urquhart, a physicist turned cybersecurity professional from Zscaler, to discuss the integration and advancement of 5G technology, along with its challenges and breakthroughs.