201 - Securing Information: Embracing Private GenAI RAG
In this episode Darren interviews Jeff Marshall, Sr. VP of Federal and DOD at FedData. They explore GenAI, delving into its potential benefits, security risks, and the quest for balance between innovation and privacy. Discover how this technology acts as a universal translator, its data security challenges, and the road ahead for organizations trying to protect their data.

199 - Cyber Defenders: Safeguarding GenAI Against Emerging Threats
In this episode, Darren is joined by guest Chris Sestito, CEO of HiddenLayer, as we uncover the vulnerabilities threatening our digital future and explore innovative solutions to protect AI systems from exploitation and misuse.

197 - Competing in the Age of GenAI: Strategies for Scaling Up
In this episode, Darren continues his interview with Michael Greenberg about the impact of Generative AI in various industries, including education, information workers, healthcare, and more.

196 - Pivot to GenAI Automation: Revolutionizing Workflows
Embark on a journey through the transformative synergy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as discussed in an enlightening interview between Darren Pulsipher and Michael Greenberg. From expediting government contracting to envisioning AI's role in proposal management, this video illuminates the evolving landscape of corporate efficiency and human-machine collaboration, offering a glimpse into the future of work dynamics and productivity enhancement.

187 - GenAI RAG Details
In part two of his interview with Eduardo Alvarez, Darren explores the use of GenAI LLMs and RAG (Retrieval Augmentation Generation) techniques to help organizations leverage the latest advancements in AI quickly and cost-effectively.

186 - Introduction to GenAI RAG
In a rapidly evolving digital sphere, generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is capturing the attention of technophiles across the globe. Regarded as the future of AI technology, GenAI is broadening boundaries with its potential for accurate simulations and data modeling. A prominent figure in this arena, Eduardo Alveraz, an AI Solution Architect at Intel and former geophysicist, holds invaluable insights into this fascinating world of GenAI.

183 - Data Management in Material Science and Manufacturing Industries
In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, leaders from diverse sectors apply data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to their operations. Today, look deeper at a company driving digital transformation in the manufacturing industry – Ori Yudilevich, the CTO of Materials Zone.

173 - Generative AI with Claude
In this episode, Darren interviews ClaudeAI, a generative AI, about automating work with AI. This is Darren's third interview with a generative AI, after ChatGPT and Google Bard.

171 - Generative AI in Public Sector
In this episode Darren talks about Generative AI and its practice usages. Generative AI is exploding with new capabilities like creating text, images, video and audio. However, there are risks like bias, accountability and data leakage that need to be addressed.

144 - Science Behind Digital Twins
In this episode Darren explores the science and use cases behind digital twin technology with the principal architect of Intel's ScheneScape.

139 - Resilient Logistical Analytics
In this episode Darren interviews the Adrian Kosowski CPO of Pathway about their unique ability to handle logistical data from the edge in DDIL environments with real-time analytics.

134 - WaveForm AI
In this episode Darren Pulsipher, welcomed Logan Selby, the co-founder and president of DataShapes, where they discuss a unique approach to Artificial Intelligence that is bucking the trend.