201 - Securing Information: Embracing Private GenAI RAG
In this episode Darren interviews Jeff Marshall, Sr. VP of Federal and DOD at FedData. They explore GenAI, delving into its potential benefits, security risks, and the quest for balance between innovation and privacy. Discover how this technology acts as a universal translator, its data security challenges, and the road ahead for organizations trying to protect their data.

192 - Understanding Identity in Zero Trust
In this episode, Darren interviews Jeff Reich, executive director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, about the role Identity plays in Zero-Trust Architectures and in our digital world.

187 - GenAI RAG Details
In part two of his interview with Eduardo Alvarez, Darren explores the use of GenAI LLMs and RAG (Retrieval Augmentation Generation) techniques to help organizations leverage the latest advancements in AI quickly and cost-effectively.

177 - Zero Trust Data with SafelyShare
During this episode, Darren and SafeLishare CEO Shamim Naqvi discuss how confidential computing can be employed to create managed data-sharing collaborative environments in the cloud.

59 - Evolution of Data Privacy
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, discusses what data privacy really means and its future direction with Jeremy Harris, Assistant General Counsel – Privacy/Information Security, at Sutter Health.