Ken Urquhart

I am the Global Vice President of 5G Strategy at Zscaler, the world's leading cloud security platform. With over four decades of experience in the technology industry, I have a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that 5G/6G brings to enterprises and start-ups across various sectors and regions.

I use my expertise in 5G, AI, cybersecurity, and engineering to consult with clients, build strategic partnerships, and deliver innovative solutions that drive bottom-line growth and competitive advantage. I also recruit and mentor high-caliber talent, foster a culture of collaboration and excellence, and align with the company's mission and values. My passion is to solve big problems, create positive impact, and shape the future of technology.


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181 - Zero Trust in 5G
In the midst of the growing adoption of 5G technologies worldwide, the experts in the recent episode of Embracing Digital Transformation podcast delved into the integral topic of Zero Trust in 5G security. Host Darren Pulsipher welcomed 5G advanced communications expert Leland Brown, VP of Marketing at Trenton Systems Yazz Krdzalic, and Ken Urquhart, a physicist turned cybersecurity professional from Zscaler, to discuss the integration and advancement of 5G technology, along with its challenges and breakthroughs.