103 - Operationalizing Your AI Projects
Intel’s Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, and Gretchen Stewart, Chief Data Scientist, Public Sector, discuss operationalizing AI projects.

91 - Fighting the Cyber Adversary by Securing your Software Supply Chain
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Intel, and Eric Greenwald, General Counsel of Finite State, talk about securing the software supply chain.

88 - Collaborative DevSecOps
On this episode, Darren talks with Sophos’ Callen Sapien, Director of Product Management, Sophos Factory, and Mike Fraser, VP of DevSecOps about their product that allows for truly collaborative SecDevOps.

87 - Confidential Computing in DevSecOps
In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Intel, and Ofir Azoulay-Rozanes, Director of Product Management, Anjuna, discuss Anjuna’s solutions for confidential computing in the DevOps lifecycle.

66 - Managing Complexity in the Cloud
On this episode, part 2 of 2, Darren continues his conversation with David Esposito, Global Solution Architect, from Aiven about accelerating cloud adoption while reducing complexity and cost.

53 - DevOps with Speed While Reducing Risk
In this episode, Robert Boule, Head of Solution Engineering at OpsMx, joins Darren to talk about improving speed without increasing risk in the DevOps process. The three key areas to balance in software delivery are velocity, risk, and quality. Most can manage one or two of these things, but adding the third can get difficult. For example, you might be able to deliver at velocity because you have a great cd system, but once you introduce compliance and policy checks, you are faced with a challenge. Do you stop and check those things, or maybe ingest some results from another tool? Suddenly, your velocity suffers.

46 - Securing your DevOps Pipeline
In part two of this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, gives practical tips for securing each stage of the DevOps pipeline, including protecting the hardware and software stacks with hardware root of trust, Security scanning, attested and encrypted containers/VMs. and more.

42 - Securing the DevOps Pipeline = SecDevOps
In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect at Intel, and Steve Orrin, CTO of Intel, Federal, discuss why and how the DevOps pipeline must be secured. The only way to deliver solid, resilient, and secure code is if security is built in, and the earlier the better.

41 - The Black Art of DevOps
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel, defines common DevOps terms and explains where DevOps fits into your organization.

24 - Digital Strategy and Data Architecture
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Intel outlines digital strategy and architecture to effectively transform your organization. He explains how organizational, procedural, and technological elements must be balanced to work efficiently toward a common, ideal architecture to support a unified vision.