201 - Securing Information: Embracing Private GenAI RAG
In this episode Darren interviews Jeff Marshall, Sr. VP of Federal and DOD at FedData. They explore GenAI, delving into its potential benefits, security risks, and the quest for balance between innovation and privacy. Discover how this technology acts as a universal translator, its data security challenges, and the road ahead for organizations trying to protect their data.

186 - Introduction to GenAI RAG
In a rapidly evolving digital sphere, generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is capturing the attention of technophiles across the globe. Regarded as the future of AI technology, GenAI is broadening boundaries with its potential for accurate simulations and data modeling. A prominent figure in this arena, Eduardo Alveraz, an AI Solution Architect at Intel and former geophysicist, holds invaluable insights into this fascinating world of GenAI.

178 - Zero Trust networking with OpenZiti
On this episode, Darren interviews Phillip Griffith, a community leader of the open-source project OpenZiti. They discuss the importance of Zero Trust networking in modern IT networks.

177 - Zero Trust Data with SafelyShare
During this episode, Darren and SafeLishare CEO Shamim Naqvi discuss how confidential computing can be employed to create managed data-sharing collaborative environments in the cloud.

174 - Zero Trust Application with Confidential Computing
In this episode Darren interviews Patrick Conte from Fortanix about leveraging confidential computing in securiting applications in zero trust architectures.

163 - Developing a Multi-Hybrid Cloud Operating Model
In this episode Darren interview cloud solution architect, Rajiv Mandal, about developing a multi-hybrid cloud strategy in your modern IT organization.