Ron Fritzemeier

Ron joined Intel in 2022 and is part of Intel’s Public Sector Defense and National Security group. His role is to support and advise DoD and Intelligence Community leaders in pursuit of digital transformation for secure & strategic management, analysis and employment of their data to solve critical mission challenges.

A native of Camino, California, Ron graduated from California State University, Fresno, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and later earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Ron joined Sandia National Laboratories in 1983, working in radiation-hardened microelectronics test, design, and design-for-testability; he later joined the Lab’s Field Intelligence Element, specializing in risk analysis and reverse engineering of hardware and software. In 1994, Ron transitioned into the Intelligence Community where he established a government in-house computer engineering lab, crafting tools and techniques for intelligence collection operations. As a Senior Intelligence Service officer, Ron led a global intelligence operations unit. He subsequently served as the Agency’s lead for cyber strategy and represented the Agency on the President’s Cyber Interagency Policy Committee, serving across the G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations.

Concurrently, Ron was an Information Warfare specialty Engineering Duty Officer in the Navy Reserve. Over nearly 36 years of Naval service, Ron held several command positions supporting fleet maintenance and acquisition, C4I and weapon systems, cyber operations and cybersecurity. In 2016 Ron promoted to flag rank and was recalled to active-duty status. In this capacity he served as Chief Engineer for today’s Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, and subsequently served two years as the Director, Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Enterprise Center under Commander, U.S. Strategic Command. Ron retired from the Navy in Fall 2021.


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