161 - Natural Language Data Analytics
In the latest episode Darren Pulsipher sits down with Steve Wasick, the CEO and founder of InfoSentience, to discuss the power and potential of natural language data analytics. Steve, who comes from an unconventional background as an English major turned screenwriter turned lawyer turned tech founder, brings a unique perspective to the field.

157 - Operationalizing GenAI
In this podcast episode, host Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect of Public Sector at Intel, discusses the operationalization of generative AI with returning guest Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster. They explore the different sharing models of generative AI, including public, private, and community models. The podcast covers topics such as open-source models, infrastructure management, and considerations for deploying and maintaining AI systems. It also delves into the importance of creativity, personalization, and getting started with AI models.

152 - Practical Generative AI
In this episode of the podcast Embracing Digital Transformation, host Darren Pulsipher engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster. Their discussion delves into the practical applications of generative AI and the profound impact it is set to bring across various industries.

150 - Embracing Sustainability with Smart Buildings
Darren interviews Sonu Panda, the CEO of Prescriptive Data, in this episode. They discuss how their software helps commercial real estate owners turn their buildings into intelligent and efficient spaces.

154 - GenAI Use Cases
In the latest episode Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster and Darren Pulsipher dive into the practical use cases of generative AI and how it can unleash human creativity in various fields.

159 - GenAI Policies
In this episode, host Darren interviews Jeremy Harris and delve into the importance of establishing policies and guidelines for successful digital transformation. With the increasing prevalence of digital technologies in various industries, organizations need to adapt and embrace this transformation to stay competitive and meet evolving customer expectations.

131 - Digital Transformation in Federal Government
In this episode, Darren interview Mark Valcich director and GM of Federal Civilian Public Sector at Intel. Mark's years of experience shine as he describes the current trends in digital transformation in the federal civilian government.

143 - Use Cases in Confidential Computing
In this episode of Embracing Digital Transformation Dr. Anna Scott continues her conversation with Ibett Acarapi and Jesse Schrater about Confidential Computing and their uses in AI, and software development.

130 - Productizing Decisional AI
In this episode Darren interviews his son Matthew Pulsipher about productizing decisional AI. Matthew has recently modernized and product development pipeline to include decisional AI in his product development.

146 - Embracing the AI Revolution
In this episode, Darren talks to Dr. Michael Lenox about the emerging AI revolution and how to embracing it or get destroyed. Michael has just released a new book 'Strategy in the Digital Age: Mastering Digital Transformation'.

151 - Understanding Generative AI
In this episode, host Darren Pulsipher interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster from Dell Technologies. Their discussion centered on generative AI and its potential impact.

147 - GenerativeAI and Automation (Google Bard)
In this episode Darren dusts off an interview he did with chatGPT and did the same interview with Google Bard. Interesting comparison with Episode 122 in Embracing Digital Transformation.

135 - Trustworthy and Ethical AI
In this episode Darren interviews Gretchen Stewart, Chief Data Scientist of Public Sector at Intel where they discuss the trustworthiness and ethics of artificial intelligence.

155 - GenAI Advisor for Datacenter Management
In this episode host Darren Pulsipher sits down with Greg Campbell, CTO of Verge.io, to discuss the exciting intersection of AI and infrastructure management. Greg, a software developer and entrepreneur, shares his journey of creating Verge.io to address the complexities of infrastructure stitching and management.

153 - Training the Next Generation in AI
In this podcast episode, Pete Schmitz, a retired Intel account executive, talks about his work with high school students in teaching them about AI and how to use it in their robotics competitions. He explains that these competitions require the use of autonomy, and AI is a crucial component in achieving that. Pete shares an example of how computer vision, powered by AI, is used in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's unmanned surface vehicle, DARPA D Hunter.

141 - From Neurology to Neuromorphic Computing
In this podcast episode of Embracing Digital Transformation, Dr. Pamela Follett, a neurologist and co-founder of Lewis Rhodes Labs, shares her background and expertise in the field of neurology, specifically with regards to research on the developing brain in early childhood.