192 - Understanding Identity in Zero Trust
In this episode, Darren interviews Jeff Reich, executive director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, about the role Identity plays in Zero-Trust Architectures and in our digital world.

181 - Zero Trust in 5G
In the midst of the growing adoption of 5G technologies worldwide, the experts in the recent episode of Embracing Digital Transformation podcast delved into the integral topic of Zero Trust in 5G security. Host Darren Pulsipher welcomed 5G advanced communications expert Leland Brown, VP of Marketing at Trenton Systems Yazz Krdzalic, and Ken Urquhart, a physicist turned cybersecurity professional from Zscaler, to discuss the integration and advancement of 5G technology, along with its challenges and breakthroughs.

153 - Training the Next Generation in AI
In this podcast episode, Pete Schmitz, a retired Intel account executive, talks about his work with high school students in teaching them about AI and how to use it in their robotics competitions. He explains that these competitions require the use of autonomy, and AI is a crucial component in achieving that. Pete shares an example of how computer vision, powered by AI, is used in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's unmanned surface vehicle, DARPA D Hunter.

149 - Update on 5G in the Department of Defense
In this episode, Darren reunites with Leland Brown, a principal engineer at Capgemini and a previous guest on the show, to discuss the upcoming advancements of 5G technology in the US Department of Defense.

132 - Software Defined BareMetal Management
In this episode, Darren interviews the founders of Metify, Ian Evans and Mike Wagner, about their unique approach to bare metal software-defined infrastructure management using the Redfish standard.

108 - History of Advanced Communications
In this episode, Darren talks to frequent Intel guests Leland Brown, Principal Engineer: Technical Director of Advanced Communications, and Dr. Anna Scott, Chief Edge Architect for Public Sector, about the history of advanced comms.

107 - Securing Critical Infrastructure
Intel’s Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, and Carla Trevino, Solutions Architect, Irdeto, talk about the importance of security in critical infrastructure.

101 - Network Controller Security with Elisity
Intel’s Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, interviews network security experts Dana Yanch and Dan Demers from Elisity about network controller security techniques and zero trust architectures.

83 - IDC Directions 2022
On this episode, Darren, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel and David Richard, Lead Solution Architect, Department of Defense, Intel reflect on the trends and ideas they gleaned from the 2022 IDC Directions conference.

82 - Shifting from Infrastructure to Workloads
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, continues his conversation with Sarah Musick, Cloud Solution Architect, Intel, about the shift from infrastructure to workloads. Please place in the Embracing Digital Transformation playlist.

73 - 2021 a Year in Review
On this episode, Darren reflects on the expectations and surprises of 2021

68 - 5G in Defence
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, continues his discussion with Leeland Brown, Technical Director of 5G, Intel Federal about 5G past, present, and future, with emphasis on its use with the Department of Defense. Part 2 of 2.

41 - The Black Art of DevOps
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel, defines common DevOps terms and explains where DevOps fits into your organization.

39 - Watercooler Talk in a Remote Workforce
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel, and Sean Heiney, co-founder of SignalWire, Inc., discuss the companies remote work policies of cameras on and their new remote collaborative workspaces technology that fosters ad hoc communication for their completely remote workforce.

38 - Roaring 20's a Look Forward to 2021
In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect at Intel, asks Rachel Mushawar, VP of Sales at Intel, for her insight on what’s ahead for the Roaring 20s after the disruption of COVID-19.

33 - The AWS Outage of Nov 2020
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, at Intel talks about the lessons learned from the AWS outage in November 2020 and preventative solutions to navigating such outages.

11 - Distance Teaching and Learning
In this episode, Erin Moseley, Sr. Account Exec for Education at Intel, and Grant Kelly, Solution Architect for Education at Intel, join Darren to talk about the challenges of distance learning and teaching and the overwhelming changes that school districts, teachers, parents, and students are absorbing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out how students and teachers are connecting with new technologies and ways of learning.

6 - Managing Telework at Capacity
In this episode, Darren, Tim Flynn, Retired Rear Admiral of the Navy, and Pete Schmitz, Account Executive for the Navy from Intel, talk about how to manage the explosive growth of teleworkers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We discuss the different modes that workers can use to work remotely and still be productive: device as a dumb terminal, device as part of the internal network and device as a portal to services. Understanding these modes of operation can help find bottlenecks that can hamper the effectiveness of your team.