127 - Innovation as a Service
On this episode Darren interviews Andrew Cohen Managing Director at Netsurit about providing Inovation as a Service to it customers through process re-engineering and automation.

119 - Moore's Law is not Dead!
In this episode, Darren talks with Jason Dunn-Potter, solution architect for the public sector at Intel, about Moore’s law and how it continues to drive innovations across the public sector.

131 - Digital Transformation in Federal Government
In this episode, Darren interview Mark Valcich director and GM of Federal Civilian Public Sector at Intel. Mark's years of experience shine as he describes the current trends in digital transformation in the federal civilian government.

156 - Becoming a Data Ready Organization
In the podcast episode, retired Rear Admiral Ron Fritzmeier joins host Darren Pulsipher to discuss the importance of data management in the context of generative artificial intelligence (AI). With a background in electrical engineering and extensive experience in the cyber and cybersecurity fields, Ron provides valuable insights into the evolving field of data management and its critical role in organizational success in the digital age.

133 - Lessons in HPC Oil & Gas
In this episode, Darren interviews Keith Gray, a former director of high-performance computing at British Petroleum. With over 30 years of managing HPC centers, Keith gives great insight into the challenges, best practices, and the future of high-performance computing.