Laura Newey

Laura Torres Newey is the author of two dozen books, including novels, how-to books, textbooks, and curriculum. She has worked as an editor and writer for children’s book and magazine publishers. She currently teaches college courses in composition and critical thinking, reading, and writing.


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180 - Generative AI in Higher Education (Revisited)
In this week's episode of Embracing Digital Transformation, Darren Pulsipher interviews guest speaker Laura Newey about her fascinating journey through the critically emerging world of Generative AI, particularly in the education sector. Covering the transformation of her teaching experience and enriching her students' learning outcomes through AI, she extensively analyzed adapting to modern education dynamics.

158 - GenAI in Higher Education
In this podcast episode, Darren Pulsipher, chief solution architect of public sector at Intel, interviews Laura Torres Newey, a New York Times best-selling author and university professor, about the impact of generative AI in higher education. This episode delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of generative AI in the classroom, highlighting the need for critical thinking skills, the concerns of bias, and ensuring the preservation of unique voices.