183 - Data Management in Material Science and Manufacturing Industries
In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, leaders from diverse sectors apply data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to their operations. Today, look deeper at a company driving digital transformation in the manufacturing industry – Ori Yudilevich, the CTO of Materials Zone.

182 - Zero Trust Data Assurance
The need for robust data security strategies has grown exponentially in the digital age, becoming a top priority for businesses around the world. Cybersecurity expert and CTO of Walacor, Walter Hancock, offers keen insight into the importance of data integrity and a zero trust approach in current cybersecurity regimes.

177 - Zero Trust Data with SafelyShare
During this episode, Darren and SafeLishare CEO Shamim Naqvi discuss how confidential computing can be employed to create managed data-sharing collaborative environments in the cloud.

156 - Becoming a Data Ready Organization
In the podcast episode, retired Rear Admiral Ron Fritzmeier joins host Darren Pulsipher to discuss the importance of data management in the context of generative artificial intelligence (AI). With a background in electrical engineering and extensive experience in the cyber and cybersecurity fields, Ron provides valuable insights into the evolving field of data management and its critical role in organizational success in the digital age.

152 - Practical Generative AI
In this episode of the podcast Embracing Digital Transformation, host Darren Pulsipher engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster. Their discussion delves into the practical applications of generative AI and the profound impact it is set to bring across various industries.

151 - Understanding Generative AI
In this episode, host Darren Pulsipher interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Lancaster from Dell Technologies. Their discussion centered on generative AI and its potential impact.

117 - 2022 Year In Review
In this episode Darren reviews 2022. He identifies the most talked about topics on the podcast in 2022 including Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Edge Computing, and Hybrid Workspaces.

98 - The Emergence of the Global Data Network
In this episode, Darren reminisces with Chetan Venkatesh, CEO of MacroMeta. Venkatesh has a long history of data management from the beginning days of Grid Computing and has started MacroMeta to tackle data management across the globally dispersed edge, data centers, and clouds.