164 - Application and Workload Portfolios in Cloud Migration
In this episode, Darren interviews Sarah Musick, Cloud Solution Architect at Intel. Together, they dive into the topic of application and workload portfolios in cloud migration. With Sarah's background in cloud consulting and optimization, she brings valuable insights to the discussion.

159 - GenAI Policies
In this episode, host Darren interviews Jeremy Harris and delve into the importance of establishing policies and guidelines for successful digital transformation. With the increasing prevalence of digital technologies in various industries, organizations need to adapt and embrace this transformation to stay competitive and meet evolving customer expectations.

115 - Blocking and Tackling of Security
In this episode, Darren talks about cybersecurity with returning guest John Evans, Chief Technology Advisor at World Wide Technology (WWT).

96 - Leveraging Virtual Datacenters with Verge.io
Intel’s Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, and https://www.verge.io/ Aaron Reid, Principal Systems Engineer, and Chris Lehman, Senior VP of Sales, discuss use cases for Verge.io’s virtual data center software.

70 - Modern Data Governance
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, discusses the reality and future of modern data governance with Matthew Carroll, CEO of Immuta.

53 - DevOps with Speed While Reducing Risk
In this episode, Robert Boule, Head of Solution Engineering at OpsMx, joins Darren to talk about improving speed without increasing risk in the DevOps process. The three key areas to balance in software delivery are velocity, risk, and quality. Most can manage one or two of these things, but adding the third can get difficult. For example, you might be able to deliver at velocity because you have a great cd system, but once you introduce compliance and policy checks, you are faced with a challenge. Do you stop and check those things, or maybe ingest some results from another tool? Suddenly, your velocity suffers.

27 - Hardware Security: Imperative for Transforming Data
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel, and Jesse Schrater, Security Manager, Data Platforms Group, Intel, discuss the current security landscape and how Intel’s SGX and partnered ecosystem offers a timely and tested solution for data in use and other security concerns.

3 - Benefits of Multi-Cloud Architecture
A multi-hybrid cloud architecture allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of both private and public clouds, optimizing resources and cost efficiency. This model has five main advantages: agility, flexibility, predictive performance, security and compliance, and efficiency.