149 - Update on 5G in the Department of Defense
In this episode, Darren reunites with Leland Brown, a principal engineer at Capgemini and a previous guest on the show, to discuss the upcoming advancements of 5G technology in the US Department of Defense.

68 - 5G in Defence
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, continues his discussion with Leeland Brown, Technical Director of 5G, Intel Federal about 5G past, present, and future, with emphasis on its use with the Department of Defense. Part 2 of 2.

2 - Follow the Bit
In this episode, Darren interviews Greg Clifton, Director of Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence for Intel Corp. They discuss the challenges of data management in a complex system that spans multiple clouds, enterprise data centers, regional data centers, and tactical edge. Listen to Darren and Greg follow a bit of data from its collection and journey through this ecosystem to the production of actionable information for analysts and warfighters. Listen to Darren and Greg discuss some of the obstacles in this large, circular environment and solutions to help get actionable information to analysts and back to warfighters.