144 - Science Behind Digital Twins
In this episode Darren explores the science and use cases behind digital twin technology with the principal architect of Intel's ScheneScape.

116 - An Argument for a Holistic approach to Critical Infrastructure Security
In this episode, Darren talks about the convergence of OT and IT cybersecurity with Security expert Steve Orrin and Industrial OT expert Dr. Anna Scott

92 - Protecting the Outer Walls of your Castle with Vulnerability Scans
On this episode, Darren talks to Matt Lembright, Director of Federal Applications, Censys, about how Censys assesses the attack surface for internet-connected devices, allowing organizations to eliminate vulnerabilities.

62 - Demystifying 5G, Edge and AI
Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, discusses the groundbreaking changes 5G will bring to edge and AI with Dr. Anna Scott, Chief Edge Architect, Intel.

2 - Follow the Bit
In this episode, Darren interviews Greg Clifton, Director of Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence for Intel Corp. They discuss the challenges of data management in a complex system that spans multiple clouds, enterprise data centers, regional data centers, and tactical edge. Listen to Darren and Greg follow a bit of data from its collection and journey through this ecosystem to the production of actionable information for analysts and warfighters. Listen to Darren and Greg discuss some of the obstacles in this large, circular environment and solutions to help get actionable information to analysts and back to warfighters.