Michael Mehlberg

Michael Mehlberg is the Chief Executive Officer at Dark Sky Technology. Through multiple small businesses, Michael has a proven track record leading high-tech, high-value, and high-stakes software services and product development projects. Michael graduated with a bachelors in computer science from Purdue University, after which he was hired as a professional security analyst at Arxan Defense Systems where he quickly gained experience in software development, attack, and reverse engineering on critical nation-state level protection programs. Michael soon took on leadership roles such as Senior Project Manager, Director of Engineering, Product Manager, and VP of Engineering before being acquired by Microsemi where he ran the Engineering and Product Management organizations focused on building software and hardware security products for microprocessors, FPGAs, and ASICs. Michael led Business Development and Sales for government and defense at Cryptography Research (acquired by Rambus), further rounding out his technical experience in the field of cryptography. Immediately prior to taking the CEO position at Dark Sky Technology, Michael led the sales and marketing organization and held a board level seat at Star Lab, a Wind River company. Michael now lives with his wife Elaine and three children in the greater Washington, D.C. area.


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140 - Background Checking Your Open Source
In this episode, Darren interviews Michael Mehlberg about increasing confidence in open source through background checking the open source communities.