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Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI and Bain & Company formed Global AI Services Alliance to transform business potential. Bain will combine its deep digital implementation capabilities and strategic expertise with OpenAI’s AI tools and platforms, including ChatGPT, to help its clients worldwide identify and implement AI’s value to maximizing business potential. The Coca-Cola Company is the first company to engage with the new alliance.

Amazon’s cloud unit has partnered with Hugging Face, the maker of ChatGPT rival. Hugging Face will build the next version of its language model, called BLOOM, on AWS.

AI can also be used for actual good in the world too. AI is dreaming up drugs that no one has ever seen. Now we’ve got to see if they work. The first drugs designed with the help of AI are now in clinical trials, the rigorous tests done on human volunteers to see if a treatment is safe—and works—before regulators clear them for widespread use.

Intelligent Edge

Security vulnerabilities have been found in wireless industrial IoT devices from four vendors, creating a significant attack surface for threat actors looking to exploit operational technology (OT) environments. The flaws offer remote attack entry points, allowing unauthenticated adversaries to gain a foothold and use it as leverage to spread to other hosts, thereby causing serious damage.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has formed a working group dedicated to promoting the adoption of “Matter” for healthcare purposes. Matter is an interoperable standard for smart home devices released by the CSA last year. The Health and Wellness Working Group will align major contributors in the healthcare industry around the Matter standard to ensure secure and interoperable health and wellness devices.

Robo-taxis from Amazon’s self-driving vehicle biz Zoox are now on the streets of Foster City, California. Zoox’s vehicles are purpose-built for autonomous driving and do not feature any manual controls. The company’s full-time employees are the first to use the autonomous shuttle service between their campuses. This requires absolute trust in the quality of your team’s work!

Data Management

In a recent study from Informatica on data sprawl, Informatica found that dispersed data and the need for unified management are widespread pain points for many organizations. Additionally, data quality and governance are top priorities. This is leading to increased investment in data technologies this year. The survey-based research found that 78% of CDOs said they must strategically align with revenue-generating organizations to justify the additional spending to improve data analytics and governance.

Alation Inc., an enterprise data intelligence solutions provider, has released Alation Marketplaces. This new product allows third-party datasets to augment existing data in the Alation Data Catalog, enabling users to explore external third-party data and supplement existing data sets. In addition, the company has expanded its Alation Anywhere to Microsoft Teams and Alation Connected Sheets to Microsoft Excel to allow data users to access contextual information from the catalog directly within their tool of choice.