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We are in the throws of the digital revolution. During this time, it can be challenging to sift through all of the hype and find what works, what is still viable two years from now, and what contributes to your organization. Many IT organizations need help with confusing messages and conflicting technologies. We help organizations sort through the chatter and embrace digital transformation. The world of digital transformation is constantly changing, and you need to know what is viable today. Listen to the podcast weekly for the latest news in cybersecurity, advanced communications, data management, artificial intelligence, edge, and cloud computing.


A recent cyber attack, believed to be backed by China, has caused concerns for national security in Guam. The Volt Typhoon hacker group targeted Guam’s telecommunication and power grid to establish a stealthy presence. Guam is considered a vital logistics hub for the US in any conflict with China. The hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the Fortinet Fortigate firewall, a leading cybersecurity protection product. This attack highlights a new threat as nation-state hackers increasingly target cybersecurity tools crucial for protecting systems. Read More

A cyber attack caused a week-long technology outage at Hospital Sisters Health System, including St. Elizabeth’s in O’Fallon, Illinois. CEO Damond Boatright confirmed the incident disrupted internet service, websites, telephones, and computer applications. While progress is being made to restore critical systems, the HSHS website remains down, and patient access to online charts and doctor communication has been disrupted. This is the second attack on hospital groups in the United States in two months. Read More

Community colleges are facing a growing cybersecurity threat: “ghost students.” These fictitious identities exploit enrollment processes to access academic resources, potentially compromising student data and institutional integrity. With hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, community colleges invest in cybersecurity measures to combat this menace. The battle against “ghost students” highlights the need for robust digital security in educational institutions to protect sensitive information and ensure a safe learning environment. Read More

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in higher education has sparked debate between those who see its potential for personalization and efficiency and those who worry about ethics and the loss of human connection. Careful consideration is necessary for integrating AI in college classrooms. College professor Laura Torres Newey shared her approach to tackling this issue in an Embracing Digital Transformation podcast episode. Her insights reveal the challenges and opportunities of incorporating AI in higher education. Read More

The entertainment industry faces labor disputes, with artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of the conflict. The Screen Actors Guild strike has entered its 8th week, with workers in Hollywood demanding fair compensation and creative control in the use of AI-driven technology. This dispute reflects the industry’s struggle to balance the benefits of AI, like cost-efficiency and innovation, with concerns about job displacement and artistic autonomy. As the entertainment landscape evolves, resolving these AI-related labor issues will be crucial for workers and the industry’s future. The world is watching! Read More