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Ubiquitous Computing

Due to a recent breach in Microsoft Azure Cloud, The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing cloud-based identity and authentication systems to prevent malicious attacks on cloud computing environments, following recent security breaches. The goal is to provide recommendations for improving account security and preventing future breaches. Read More

Quantum computing’s potential to revolutionize multiple industries specifically Artificial Intelligence by increasing processing speed is exciting. However, due to the delicate nature of qubits, creating quantum computers is a difficult task. Nonetheless, industry professionals remain hopeful about the potential of quantum computing to bring about major advancements in various sectors. Read More

President Biden signed an executive order this week that prohibits U.S. investments in Chinese AI, semiconductor, and quantum computing sectors to avoid unintentional backing of China’s military and technological advancement. The semiconductor industry, specifically chip development and manufacturing, is the main target. China has expressed discontent with the order, claiming it disrupts economic ties. The order applies to future investments and may have some exceptions. Read More

Data Management

China is proposing new rules to limit facial recognition tech and protect user privacy. The Cyberspace Administration of China’s draft rules state that facial recognition should only be used when necessary, and that non-biometric solutions should be explored to achieve the same objectives with less intrusion. The move follows concerns in China about the potential misuse of personal information through facial recognition technology. Read More