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The week of the August 7, 2023 podcast, there were several significant updates regarding digital transformation. Notably, fast food chains have started implementing AI to tackle workforce shortages, hospitals are facing cyber attacks, and Mobile Edge Computing platforms are coming to light.


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Artificial Intelligence

There is growing concern among tech experts about the use of AI-enhanced images. The Guardian has investigated this issue, as there is a worry that AI-altered visuals could impact public opinion and even distort important facts essential to the democratic system. This could seriously affect trust and truth and lead to a debate on how to protect elections from the manipulation of AI. Read More

A recent article by Yahoo Finance reported that Wendy’s is using AI to revolutionize their drive-thrus. With automated ordering and personalized menus, the fast food giant is changing the game for quick meals. This technological approach to food service provides a sneak peek into the future of fast-food dining. It will be interesting to see how customers react to this digital transformation. Read More