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Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI is cooking a new dish: ChatGPT Personal Assistant for the workplace. It’s like having your own AI sidekick to help with tasks, but let’s hope it doesn’t ask for a promotion. With this move, OpenAI might be gearing up for a rivalry with Microsoft. Will they duke it out like tech gladiators? Stay tuned!

AI now reveals your body’s “Trouble Spots.” Introducing “Body Scan” by Zing, using unique AI technology, an app that promises to revolutionize your shopping experience. Scanning your body with your phone’s camera provides accurate measurements for a perfect fit. Finally, no more fashion mishaps or awkward dressing room encounters. Are you ready to hear the brutal truth from an AI?

Move over Alexa, Siri, and Google Home; Josh has entered the building! Imagine a smart home platform that can control your devices and engage in meaningful conversations with you. Well, the future is here! The first GPT-powered smart home platform has arrived, making your living space more innovative and interactive. It’s like having a chatty roommate who always knows when to turn up the heat and when to dim the lights. Get ready to experience the next level of home automation!

Data Management

Snowflake, the cloud data platform, unveils new updates catering to enterprises’ rising demand for generative AI. With enhanced data management and analysis capabilities, Snowflake empowers organizations to leverage AI and machine learning for more accurate predictions and insights. Stay ahead of the curve as Snowflake continues to evolve in enterprise AI.

Not to be left behind, Databricks, the popular data and AI platform, makes waves with its acquisition of MosaicML for a whopping $1.3 billion. This strategic move is set to bolster Databricks’ generative AI offerings, further strengthening its position in the market. By integrating MosaicML’s advanced machine learning capabilities, Databricks aims to provide enhanced tools for data scientists and accelerate innovation in AI-driven applications.

In new ways to consume lots of data, data Scientists are looking at sonification, the turning of data into sounds/music, to understand data differently. The article “Through the Looking Glass: Sounds of Data” discovers the magical world of data sonification, where numbers come to life as melodies. It’s like turning data into a catchy tune that will have you tapping your feet. Check if your data sounds like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or Mozart’s Requiem.

Ubiquitous Computing

Following Intel’s lead to build Silicon Heartland, Amazon is making it rain in Ohio! The e-commerce giant is expanding its investment to $7.8 Billion in the state with cloud computing operations, promising more jobs and economic growth. This follows Intel and other companies over $100 Billion investments in Ohio. Buckle up, Ohioans, because it’s about to pour innovation and opportunity from the cloud. Get ready for a downpour of tech goodness in the Buckeye State!

A forecast for the next five years predicts significant growth, over 13.2% CAGR to $84 Billion by 2028, in the cloud computing market for retail banking. IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle are expected to play critical roles in this expansion. With the banking sector increasingly adopting cloud solutions, technology giants are poised to offer innovative and secure platforms to meet the industry’s evolving needs. Get ready for a cloudy future in retail banking!

In an insightful interview, George Chambers CIO of Health and Human Services in the United States (HHS) explains how they transform multiple cloud contracts into shared services through Cloud Exchange 2023. This innovative approach enables the HHS to streamline operations, optimize costs, and enhance collaboration across the organization.