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Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has made its powerful OpenAI technology available to US government cloud customers. The move allows agencies to utilize advanced AI capabilities in language processing, machine learning, and natural language understanding. The partnership aims to support government entities in their digital transformation efforts.

Romania’s Prime Minister has appointed the world’s first AI government adviser. The AI system, named DORA, will assist in decision-making processes, analyze data, and provide recommendations on various policy matters. This groundbreaking move reflects the increasing integration of AI technology in governmental operations and aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in governance.

AI outperforms humans in discovering efficient sorting algorithms and integrating them into C++ libraries. AlphaDev, a deep reinforcement learning agent, surpassed human benchmarks by formulating the problem as a game and selecting CPU instructions to create optimal algorithms. The study highlights the potential of AI in algorithm optimization.

Ubiquitous Computing

Microsoft 365, the popular suite of productivity tools, suffered widespread outages, causing disruptions for millions of users. The service interruptions affected various components, including Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and said their engineers were working to resolve it.

Cloud service outages are increasing due to geopolitical tensions and internet vulnerabilities. Cross-border data flow restrictions and cyber threats contribute to disruptions. Experts call for cooperation and investment to enhance cloud service resilience and protect global connectivity.

The African cloud market is set for significant growth by 2023, driven by digital transformation and increased adoption of cloud services. Improved internet connectivity and rising demand for cloud-based solutions in various sectors contribute to the expansion. Key players invest in infrastructure and partnerships to seize opportunities in the growing African cloud market.


To help combat the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, Accenture introduces “Skills to Succeed in Cybersecurity,” a free program to fill one million entry-level cybersecurity jobs. The initiative offers comprehensive training and certification resources, aiming to bridge the skills gap and encourage more individuals to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

The White House extends secure software attestation deadlines and issues clarifying guidance to enhance cybersecurity practices. The extended timelines provide more compliance time, while the direction offers insights into implementation and evaluation processes for federal agencies and contractors. So, for now, are our applications and services unknowingly vulnerable?

The National Cybersecurity Strategy urges substantial changes in safeguarding critical infrastructure. Collaboration between the public and private sectors is emphasized to combat evolving cyber threats. Risk management, resilience, and investment in advanced technologies are highlighted to fortify critical infrastructure and ensure national security.