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Data Management

DIQ, a new data trust index tool, promotes data democratization. The tool measures the trustworthiness of data sources, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about data usage. By providing transparency and accountability, DIQ seeks to empower businesses in their data-driven strategies and enhance trust in data-driven decision-making.

FIATA and the Global Shippers Forum are advocating for more robust data governance standards in the shipping industry. They highlight the need to address data quality, accessibility, and security challenges to enhance supply chain efficiency. Establishing consistent standards aims to improve data sharing, collaboration, and decision-making among stakeholders, ultimately benefiting the global shipping community.

Databricks Ventures has invested in Immuta; a company focused on strengthening lakehouse governance. Immuta’s platform provides data access and control solutions, enabling organizations to effectively govern and secure their data lakehouse environments. This investment aims to enhance data governance capabilities within the Databricks ecosystem, promoting data privacy, compliance, and security for enterprises utilizing lakehouse architectures.

Artificial Intelligence

The lead engineer behind Google’s advanced chatbot, Geoffrey Hinton, has resigned due to concerns about AI technology’s potential risks and ethical implications. Hinton believes that the chatbot system he developed can be used to spread misinformation and fake news, emphasizing the need for responsible AI development and deployment to protect society.

Tech companies want to be paid for the data powering AI models. Chatbots Are Digesting the Internet, and content providers want to get paid. Artificial intelligence companies are using content created by millions of people without their consent or compensation. Reddit, an invaluable source for OpenAI, recently announced that it would start charging AI companies for access to data. Twitter is also doing the same. OpenAI declined to comment.

AI is starting to displace humans in back office work. IBM CEO announces a temporary halt on hiring for back-office jobs as the company invests in AI technology. The decision reflects IBM’s strategic shift towards leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline operations and improve efficiency. The move signals the company’s commitment to adapting to technological advancements and the evolving demands of the market.

Ubiquitous Computing

VMware has introduced Cross-Cloud Managed Services, a new offering to simplify and streamline multi-cloud management. The service provides customers a unified platform to manage various cloud environments, offering enhanced visibility, security, and governance capabilities. With this solution, VMware aims to help organizations overcome the complexities of multi-cloud operations and optimize their cloud strategies for improved efficiency and agility.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has developed a new service that provides secure access to cloud applications without traditional VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). The service, AWS Client VPN, utilizes AWS’ global network infrastructure to establish secure connections between users and cloud resources. This approach simplifies remote access while maintaining high levels of security, making it easier for organizations to manage and secure their cloud environments effectively.