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Artificial Intelligence

According to MarketWatch, with an expected annualized growth rate of almost 27%, AI hardware, a $10 billion industry in 2021, is expected to be an $89 billion industry by 2030.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) multi-million dollar GARD (Guaranteeing AI Robustness Against Deception) project, which has three key goals: Develop the algorithms that protect machine learning from vulnerabilities; Develop theories to ensure AI algorithms are defensible against attacks; and share the tools broadly.

Tom Brady threatened to sue comedians behind the AI standup video. Using data from interviews with Tom Brady and hundreds of thousands of hours of stand-up comedy footage the Dudsey branh simulated an hour-long stand-up comedy special.


A new report from CybelAngel has revealed the top five cybersecurity exposures that pose critical risks to organizations. The report identifies the main threats of cloud misconfigurations, supply chain vulnerabilities, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and unpatched software. The report urges organizations to mitigate these risks and safeguard their systems and data proactively.

European air traffic control agency Eurocontrol has revealed that it experienced a cyber attack from Russia earlier this month. The attack targeted the agency’s systems, but Eurocontrol was able to contain and remediate the incident without any disruption to air traffic. The agency has warned other organizations to be vigilant and strengthen their defenses against cyber threats.

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in INEA’s industrial control system (ICS) product, which could allow remote attackers to take over affected systems and cause disruption or damage to industrial operations. The flaw, which affects all product versions, was discovered by researchers at Claroty. The company has urged organizations using the product to update to the latest version as soon as possible to mitigate the risk of exploitation.

Intelligent Edge

Kneron, a provider of edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has acquired Otus, a maker of imaging solutions for autonomous vehicles. The acquisition will enable Kneron to leverage Otus’ expertise in developing compact, power-efficient cameras for edge AI applications. The acquisition is expected to accelerate the adoption of edge AI in the transportation industry. has launched Gloo Fabric, a secure multi-cloud service mesh platform for enterprise applications, supporting hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with a centralized dashboard for monitoring, managing and troubleshooting applications.

Canada’s government and Ericsson will invest CA$470m ($376m) in 5G and 6G R&D over five years to create a sustainable and secure telecommunications infrastructure, develop new use cases and applications including smart cities and connected vehicles.