#86 The Things I Wish I Knew as a Government CTO

In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, Intel, welcomes special guests Jason Dunn-Potter, Ret Chief Warrant Officer, US Army, and Ron Fritzemeier, Ret Rear Admiral, US Navy. Both are now five months into their positions as Solution Architects and Mission Specialists with Intel’s Department of Defense Team. More

#84 Securing Your Castle with Zero-Trust

The old model of security could be compared to a castle, with guards along the road and a moat surrounding the castle. All of the crown jewels, in this case, data, would be centrally located and managed inside the castle. The emergence of zero-trust has created a new framework.More

#81 Heterogeneous Programing with OneAPI

Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, discusses the capabilities and future of OneAPI, a cross-industry, open, standards-based unified programming model that delivers a common developer experience across accelerator architectures, with Intel’s OneAPI Chief Evangelist, James Reinders.More

#80 Meeting Intel’s Cloud Solution Architects

Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, talks with Intel’s top cloud solution architects Stephen Holt, Kiran Agrahara, Sarah Musick, and Todd Christ about how they can help organizations, at no charge, migrate to the cloud and optimize their workloads.More

#77 Digital Transformation in 2022

Architect, Dr. Anna Scott, Chief Edge Architect, and Gretchen Stewart, Chief Data Scientist discuss the six pillars of digital transformation in 2022: multi-cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, data management, and comms.More

#75 Cyber Security Solutions with Hitachi

Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, talks to Hitachi’s Colin McLean, Intel Global Team Lead, and David Rowley, Senior Solutions Consultant, about Hitachi’s full circle cyber security offerings. More

#73 2021 a Year in Review

On this episode, Darren reflects on the expectations and surprises of 2021. COVID did not go away, remote work continued, ransomware become a top security problem, IT speed of change did not slow down, and Intel got a new CEO.More

#71 Modern Data Governance

Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Intel, continues his discussion about the reality and future of modern data governance with Matthew Carroll, CEO of Immuta. Part two of two.More

#3 – Benefits of the Multi-Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Multi-hybrid cloud architecture allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of both private and public clouds, optimizing resources and cost-efficiency. This model has five main advantages: agility, flexibility, predictive performance, security and compliance, and efficiency.More