#25 Operationalizing Data Pipelines

Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Intel, talks to Sarah Kalicin, Lead Data Scientist, Intel about operationalizing your organization’s data pipeline. It takes a team effort to model, monitor, and produce an ongoing source of valuable information. This is the final episode in the series Kick-starting your Organizational Transformation to Become Data-Centric.More

#9 – Telework Securing Your Home Office

The meteoric rise of remote work means security could be at risk. Get practical tips and advice from Steve Orrin, Federal CTO at Intel, on how to reduce your remote work security risk in the public sector.More

#8 – Securing the Teleworker with Intel Technology

With many employees now working from home, how do you make sure they are working securely yet still give them the flexibility they need to get their jobs done? In this episode, Darren and special Guest Steve Orrin, CTO of Intel Federal, discuss how to leverage Intel® technology to effectively help secure the teleworker.More

#7 – Securing the Teleworker

With the huge shift in people now working from home instead of the office, security is a growing concern for many IT organizations. In this episode, Steve Orrin, CTO of Intel Federal, and Darren discuss the security threats and solutions to help secure your teleworker and enterprise data centers.More