#93 The Four Superpowers of Digital Transformation

In this episode, Darren discusses the four superpowers of digital transformation with Intel’s Greg Ernst, Corporate VP of Sales, Americas. Ubiquitous computing, Pervasive Connectivity, Cloud to Edge, Artificial Intelligence.More

#89 Future of BigMemory and CXL

In this episode, Darren discusses advances in-memory architecture with Charles Fan, CEO of MemVerge, winner of the 2022 Bio-IT World Best in Show and People’s Choice Award. More

#88 Collaborative DevSecOps

In this episode, Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Intel, talks with Sophos’ Callen Sapien, Director of Product Management, Sophos Factory, and Mike Fraser, VP of DevSecOps, about their product allows for truly collaborative DevSecOps.More

#84 Securing Your Castle with Zero-Trust

The old model of security could be compared to a castle, with guards along the road and a moat surrounding the castle. All of the crown jewels, in this case, data, would be centrally located and managed inside the castle. The emergence of zero-trust has created a new framework.More

#83 IDC Directions 2022

Intel’s Solution Architects Darren Pulsipher and David Richard reflect on the trends and idea from the 2022 IDC Directions conference. More