#26 Multi Cloud Data solutions with Hammerspace

Johan Ballin, Director of Technical Marketing at Hammerspace, and Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect, Public Sector, at Intel discusses Hammerspace’s multi cloud technology that untethers data from storage infrastructure, providing data portability and performance. Check out the blog entry for this episode.More

#22 An Argument for Multi-Hybrid Cloud

Darren Pulsipher describes why a Multi-Hybrid Cloud architecture may already be in your data center. Most organizations already all of the ingredients. They just need to know how they fit together.More

#21 Big Memory Software Defined Memory Controller

Charles Fan, CEO of MemVerge, talks to Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector, Intel, about their new technology, Big Memory software-defined memory controller. The technology utilizes Intel 3D XPoint Optane persistent memory to efficiently bridge the gap between current and future architectures, while providing bigger capacity, lower cost, and persistence.More

#12 – Securing the Distance Learner and Teacher

On our last episode, Erin Moseley, Sr. Account Exec for Education at Intel, and Grant Kelly, Solution Architect for Education at Intel joined Darren to talk about the technological challenges and options in distance learning. In this episode, we delve more deeply into privacy and security threats and solutions.More

#10 Teleworker Sizing Your VDI Solution

Organizations need help in building VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions immediately. As IT Departments are adding VDI licenses locally to their current systems, they need to be aware that licenses alone don’t solve all of their problems.More

#6 – Managing Telework at Capacity

In this episode, Darren, Tim Flynn, Retired Rear Admiral of the Navy, and Pete Schmitz, Account Executive for the Navy from Intel, talk about how to manage the explosive growth of teleworkers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We discuss the different modes that workers can use to work remotely and still be productive: device as a dumb terminal, device as part of the internal network and device as a portal to services. Understanding these modes of operation can help find bottlenecks that can hamper the effectiveness of your team.More

#5 – Infrastructure Maturity Model

Find out where your organization is on Intel Chief Solution Architect Darren Pulsipher’s Infrastructure Management Maturity Model. Discover your next steps toward digital transformation.More

#3 – Benefits of the Multi-Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Multi-hybrid cloud architecture allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of both private and public clouds, optimizing resources and cost-efficiency. This model has five main advantages: agility, flexibility, predictive performance, security and compliance, and efficiency.More